5 Reasons to Meditate

The simple act of stopping, says Pema Chödrön, is the best way to cultivate our good qualities. Here are five ways meditation makes us better people.

Pema Chödrön


5 Keys to Complete Mindfulness

What are the next steps for understanding complete mindfulness and its comprehensive benefits? Five experts in the mindfulness field explain.

The Complete Path of Mindfulness

A life-changing journey begins with a single breath. With the simple act of paying mindful attention to one breath, says Melvin McLeod, we step onto a complete path that goes deeper and farther than we can imagine.

Two people sitting outside on folding chairs facing each other

Why Meditate Face-to-Face?

Gregory Kramer and Rosie Dores teach us Insight Dialogue, a practice that harnesses the potency of relationship on the spiritual path.

A Practice to Work Through Difficult Thoughts

Lisa Ernst shares a practice to offer kindness to your difficult thoughts.

Pink clouds in blue sky

How to Experience the True Nature of Mind

Mingyur Rinpoche shares step-by-step instructions to experience the basic nature of mind.

A Practice to Meet Bad Habits with Loving-Kindness

Sylvia Boorstein unpacks the foundational Buddhist teaching “Recognize unwholesome states in the mind and replace them with wholesome states.”

Need to Heal? Try Tree Meditation

Tree meditation, says Lin Wang Gordon, is a way to strengthen our connection with nature and deepen our understanding of difficult emotions like grief.

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