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Woman floating over the earth.

This Floating World

Zen teacher Joan Sutherland on life’s dreamlike nature and why it should be embraced.

How to Practice Metta for a Troubled Time

Mushim Patricia Ikeda teaches us how to generate loving-kindness and good will as an antidote to hatred and fear.

Feeling Unworthy?

Author and psychoanalyst, Pilar Jennings, offers advice to a practitioner who continues to feel unworthy and unloved.

Meditation is the Key to Knowing Yourself

Meditation practice awakens our trust that the wisdom and compassion that we need are already within us.

Cutting Through Views: Three Practice Verses by Machig Labdrön

Charlotte Z. Rotterdam shares three verses by Machig Labdrön, the founder of Chöd, that we can carry with us in our daily lives.

The Lion’s Roar Podcast: Guided Tonglen Meditation with Lama Tsomo

Buddhist teacher Lama Tsomo shares a guided tonglen meditation to cultivate compassion and move from

The Dalai Lama congratulates President Joe Biden following inauguration

“I pray for your success in meeting the challenges that lie ahead in fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of all Americans,” His Holiness writes.

Cómo practicar Tonglen

Pema Chödrön nos enseña “tomar y dar,” una práctica budista antigua para desarrollar compasión. Con cada inhalación, tomamos el dolor de otros. Con cada exhalación, enviamos alivio.

Judy Lief Interview Buddhism Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Buddha's Daughters

Las hijas de Buda: una entrevista con la maestra de dharma y autora Judy Lief

Cuando estaba compilando la antología Buddha’s Daughters: Teachings from Women Who Are Shaping Buddhism in the West [Las hijas de Buda: enseñanzas de las mujeres que están dando forma al budismo en Occidente], una de las primeras maestras que pensé en incluir fue Judy Lief, ya que sus enseñanzas son algunas de las más notablemente esclarecedoras, relevantes y también fácilmente disfrutables.

Yes, We Can Have Hope

Roshi Joan Halifax reflects on the idea of “wise hope” and why we should open ourselves to it.