Buddhist Wisdom

No Self, No Suffering

Melvin McLeod breaks down the Buddha’s four noble truths and argues it’s not only the ultimate self-help formula, but the best guide to helping others and benefiting the world.

Melvin McLeod


Image of Buddha covered with roots in Thailand.

Is Buddhism about ethics or enlightenment?

Bhante Sumano, Jisho Sara Siebert, and Gaylon Ferguson explore the meaning of ethics and enlightenment on the Buddhist path.

Shakyamuni Buddha

Why We Take Refuge

There are two kinds of refuge. The reason we take refuge in the outer forms of enlightenment is so that we may find the buddha within.

In Defense of Ritual

Richard Payne takes a serious look at the role of ritual in Buddhist practice and the reasons why Westerners might feel resistant to it.

The Immeasurable Beauty of Queerness

Taryn Stickrath-Hutt shares her journey as a queer woman and Jodo Shinshu Buddhist, drawing inspiration from the infinite light of Amida Buddha.

Becoming Older & Wiser

As you age, says Judy Lief, you can discover your true nature — timeless and luminous.

fallen flower petals on a dark table

What to Say When Someone Dies

Avoid pat expressions, says Valerie Brown. What a grieving person needs is loving presence.

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