Emily Horn

Emily West Horn is an authorized teacher of mindfulness and insight Meditation. She has been called a “power player of the mindfulness movement” by Wired Magazine. Her work is featured in 10% Happier,  Boston Children’s Hospital’s Comfort Ability Project, Buddhist Geeks, and apps such as Brightmind and buddhify.  She’s been mentoring mindfulness teachers in a certification program led by Jack Kornfield, Ph.D and Tara Brach Ph.D for over 7 years and leads teacher development groups at MindfulnessTeachers.Space.

Recent Articles

A More Present Life Starts Now

Life and practice don't need to be separate, writes Emily Horn. She shares how we can integrate moments of meditation into the routine experiences of our every day lives.

Insight Meditation: Present, Open & Aware

Emily Horn on how to discover the peace and awakening in every moment.


How to Work With Fear and Pain in a Moment of Crisis

Even when it feels like you're lost in the universe, Emily Horn explains, you can face the unknown with a still and calm heart-mind.

How to Cool the Flames of Anger with “RAIN”

The best way to transform anger and other strong emotions is to befriend them. As with any relationship, it takes time to become intimate with the inner workings of our minds. To do it we need courage and strength. And we need the help of an effective technique. Peeling away the layers of anger moves…

RAIN Cools the Flames of Anger

Emily Horn teaches us how to recognize, accept, investigate, and not identify with our anger.