Shakyamuni Buddha

Why We Take Refuge

There are two kinds of refuge. The reason we take refuge in the outer forms of enlightenment is so that we may find the buddha within.

In Defense of Ritual

Richard Payne takes a serious look at the role of ritual in Buddhist practice and the reasons why Westerners might feel resistant to it.

The Immeasurable Beauty of Queerness

Taryn Stickrath-Hutt shares her journey as a queer woman and Jodo Shinshu Buddhist, drawing inspiration from the infinite light of Amida Buddha.

Becoming Older & Wiser

As you age, says Judy Lief, you can discover your true nature — timeless and luminous.

fallen flower petals on a dark table

What to Say When Someone Dies

Avoid pat expressions, says Valerie Brown. What a grieving person needs is loving presence.

Detox Your Mind: 5 Practices to Purify the 3 Poisons

Five Buddhist teachers share practices to clear away the poisons that cause suffering and obscure your natural enlightenment.

Excerpt: Sangha of Boundless Life, by Jeff Wilson

An excerpt from Jeff Wilson's new book, "Living Nembutsu: Applying Shinran’s Radically Engaged Buddhism in Life and Society" — reviewed in the Summer 2023 issue of Buddhadharma.

How Mindfulness Can Help Ease Anxiety

Buddhist teacher Judy Lief explains the Buddha’s deep analysis of the roots of anxiety and shows how mindfulness can help us ease the suffering of an anxious mind.

7 Life and Death Questions

Michael Hebb, founder of Death Over Dinner, offers some important questions to guide your contemplation of mortality.

How Mindfulness Leads to Enlightenment

Melvin McLeod on how Buddhism uses mindfulness to develop the wisdom that frees us from suffering.

Scenes from the life of Milarepa.

How Listening Becomes a Spiritual Practice

Everything and everyone are always teaching us the dharma, says Christian McEwen. We just have to know how to listen.

Sculpture of Shakyamuni Buddha sitting and touching the earth.

Who Was the Buddha?

The Buddha who lived 2,600 years ago was not a god. He was an ordinary person, named Siddhartha Gautama, whose teachings on enlightenment and the end of suffering became the basis of the world religion of Buddhism.

What Are the Three Types of Suffering?

Suffering is the central problem that Buddhism addresses, and recognizing our suffering is the first step to its solution.

What Are the Three Minds?

Zen master Dogen wrote that someone working to benefit others should maintain three minds: magnanimous mind, parental mind, and joyful mind.

Celebrating Vesak (“Buddha Day”) 2024

Vesak, also known as “Buddha Day," marks the birth, enlightenment, and death of the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. This year, it falls on May 23.

The Sutra That Saved Me

Nichiren practitioner Johnny Edward Dean Jr. reflects on how his daily practice and chanting the Odaimoku helped him navigate mental health challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Eightfold Path: Right Mindfulness

Norman Fischer on why mindfulness is not always “right.”

How Travel Opens Your Mind and Heart

Travel wakes us up to the world. Three personal stories of transformational travel in Thailand, Ethiopia, and Yemen.

4 Ways to Heal Trauma with Love

Loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity—these four loving qualities are powerful ways to heal our trauma.

How Should I Work with Emotions?

Linda Galijan on working with emptiness and your emotions.