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In Times of Crisis, Draw Upon the Strength of Peace

When we are called upon to help in a crisis, says Kaira Jewel Lingo, we must respond. But the way we do is crucial.

Kaira Jewel Lingo


Sweeping My Heart

When Zenju Earthlyn Manuel was assigned to clean the Zen temple, she felt generations of oppression rise in her. Conversing with her ancestors about what this work really meant helped her see how it could be healing.

Toward a Revolution of Love

In this important essay, the late bell hooks inspires us to make her vision of a culture of love come true.

Welcoming the Year of the Wood Dragon

For Tibetan Buddhists, this week marks Losar, the new year — a time to clean house, cherish family, make offerings, contemplate the past year and welcome the new.

We Remember: Six Remarkable Black Buddhists

In celebration of Black History Month, we find inspiration in the lives and practice of six remarkable Black Buddhists.

The 2022-2022 Contemplative Medicine Fellowship cohort in a group photo at their graduation.

Study finds Contemplative Medicine training reduces burnout in medical professionals

The study measured the effects of the New York Zen Center's twelve-month "Contemplative Medicine Fellowship" on burnout among medical professionals.

A Cloud Never Dies

Andrea Miller on what Thich Nhat Hanh taught her, his inspiring and courageous life, and how—through us—his wisdom continues.

Watch – New Videos on Reckoning With Abuse in Buddhist Communities

Confronting systemic abuse within spiritual communities is important for individual and community alike. That's why Damcho Diana Finnegan, co-founder of the Dharmadatta Community, has launched a series of interviews that aim to help us face and understand abuse and how to promote community accountability and justice for survivors.


Meditation 103 with Michael and Victoria Imperioli

Meditation 103 with Michael and Victoria Imperioli

White Lotus and Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli is also a novelist, screenwriter, director and musician. He and his partner Victoria Imperioli, a well-known interior designer, talk about how Buddhism informs their life together as artists and entrepreneurs.

The Wisdom of Desire with Judy Lief, Cheryl Fraser and Jeff Wilson

The Wisdom of Desire with Judy Lief, Cheryl Fraser & Jeff Wilson

Judy Lief, a Buddhist teacher in the Tibetan tradition, talks about how you can work with your desires to find peace. Then Cheryl Fraser, a sex therapist and dharma teacher, shares her article, How to Have Mindful Sex. To close, professor, minister, and author of Living Nembutsu: Applying Shinran’s Radically Engaged Buddhism in Life and Society, Jeff Wilson, talks about the radically inclusive founder of the Jodo Shinshu tradition, Shinran.

Meditation for Kids with Catherine Bailey and Vanessa Zuisei Goddard

Meditation for Kids with Catherine Bailey & Vanessa Zuisei Goddard

In this episode, Catherine Bailey talks about the characters in her children’s book Dinos Don’t Meditate and shares a 30-second meditation you can do with your kids. Then, author and Zen teacher Vanessa Zuisei Goddard talks about her children’s book Weather Any Storm in which the “Wildering Billies” are a metaphor for waves of emotion that create an inner storm, plus a short breathing meditation for kids.

Fear, Forgiveness & Self-care with Mushim Ikeda

Fear, Forgiveness & Self-care with Mushim Ikeda

In this selection from Lion’s Roar’s online course, Medicine for Fear, dharma teacher Mushim Patricia Ikeda talks about the art of “feeling all the feelings” without causing harm to yourself and others, and why the smallest act of kindness can be a powerful form of activism.

Humane AI and the role of Buddhism with Randima Fernando

Humane AI and the Role of Buddhism with Randima Fernando

The Center for Humane Technology is featured in the Emmy award-winning Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma and co-founded by Randima Fernando. He talks about the promises and pitfalls of artificial intelligence, the existential questions it inspires, how Buddhism is uniquely suited to answering them, and how you can approach this new technology that has the…

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