Guided Meditations

How to Practice Shamatha Meditation

Shamatha meditation is the foundation of Buddhist practice. Lama Rod Owens teaches us a version from the Vajrayana tradition.

Lama Rod Owens


A Practice to Work with Grief

Kimberly Brown takes us through the practice of “standing on the earth,” which can help us in times of great change and grief.

Loving-Kindness for All Beings & All Bodies

Metta meditation is healing and heart-opening. Arisika Razak leads us through the practice.

Meditation: Be Kind to Yourself

A three-step contemplation from Kristin Neff to give yourself the compassion you need (and deserve).

Molecular dance meditation reveals: you’re just atoms and energy

Harrison Blum, the Buddhist spiritual advisor at Northeastern University, has created a moving meditation on molecular energy fields.

A short meditation for fostering compassion

A meditation for fostering compassion, from Thupten Jinpa.

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Watch Sharon Salzberg’s “Bubble Meditation”

In this sweet video, meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg teaches how to do "bubble meditation."

Watch as Sharon Salzberg teaches “Street Loving-kindness”

In this new video, meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg shows how to bring the mind of loving-kindness to the fore.

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