Sister Chan Khong

Sister Chan Khong

Sister Chan Khong has been Thich Nhat Hanh’s closest collaborator for more than fifty years. She’s the author of Deep Relaxation (Parallax Press).

Recent Articles

How to Talk It Out

Honest, loving communication is the key to healthy relationships. Sister Chan Khong offers a four-part practice for skillfully sharing our thoughts and feelings with each other.

How to Practice Deep Relaxation

Relaxing the mind is a big goal of Buddhist practice, but to do that you need to relax your body as well. Sister Chan Khong teaches us a three-step practice to access a deep restfulness that rivals sleep.

Vietnamese mothers crying while holding babies

To Know the Suffering of War

Sister Chan Khong remembers the suffering of the years of war in Vietnam and what they taught her about human nature.

Deep Relaxation

Soften the shoulders, rest the eyes, feel the breath — Sister Chan Khong on how to release the stress in our bodies.