Anne Cushman

Anne Cushman

Anne Cushman is the author of the memoir The Mama Sutra: A Story of Love, Loss, and the Path of Motherhood; the novel Enlightenment for Idiots; and other books. She directs the mentoring program for The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program and is on the teachers council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Recent Articles

How to Establish a Daily Practice of Almost Anything

Whether it’s meditation, yoga, or art, you get more from doing it every day. Follow these six steps to enjoy all the benefits of daily practice.

Exhaling into a Brighter Future

As the coronavirus crisis separates us through self-isolation and social distancing, Anne Cushman shares how we can use this moment to remember how deeply our lives are intertwined.

Sharing Trans Joy at the First Residential Retreat for the Transgender and Gender Expansive Community

In September, “Creating Joy In Community” brought together 50 members of the transgender and gender expansive community for a residential retreat.

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Yoga from the Inside Out

For Christmas a few years ago, my partner, Teja, gave me a round yoga mat about six feet in diameter. When I spread it out and began to practice—by the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights—I was amazed at the way my asanas transformed.

What’s Your Retreat Password?

Disentangling from the modern world to go on a meditation retreat, says author Anne Cushman, can be a little complicated.

The Best-Laid Plans

A vomiting child in an airport hotel—it wasn’t the vacation she had in mind. Anne Cushman on the teachings of a trip gone awry.

Yoga Rat

A tail, a bundle of guts, and a smear of blood—how one dead rat continues to inspire Anne Cushman's practice.

Yoga Chic and the First Noble Truth

Yoga and meditation are ultimately about turning our eyes away from the airbrushed images of the outside world and looking deep within our own hearts.