Dr. g

Dr. g

Dr. g (Claudelle R. Glasgow), Psy.D., SEP, NEDA Proficient (doc/we) is a multi-hyphenate serving as healing artist, writer, and educator. Dr. g’s work has been supported by fellowships and craft shops through Hugo House, VONA, The Watering Hole, Hurston/Wright, Anaphora, and RWW. Their chapbook the Devils that raised Us was longlisted at Frontier Poetry in 2022. Dr. g’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Killens Review, Black Lawrence Press, Moko: Caribbean Arts & Letters, Rigorous Magazine, & Obsidian Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora. With nearly 20 years as a healing artist, their work is emergent & grounded in a radical existential-somatic approach, which works with the power of the here & now, somatics, creativity & liberation. Doc supports the global majority in addressing grief, liminal space, and intergenerational and ancestral traumas. Stay informed of Dr. g’s offerings, sign up for their newsletter at https://www.claudelleglasgow.com and follow on IG: @garudagrin.

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