Ross Nervig

Ross Nervig is the assistant editor of Lion’s Roar magazine.

Recent Articles

What A.I. Means for Buddhism

AI can articulate the sum total of human knowledge, but can it help us cultivate wisdom and compassion—or is it a danger on the spiritual path? Ross Nervig investigates.

Tras el Velo Digital: Meditación en Realidad Virtual 

¿Puede la realidad virtual profundizar en la práctica contemplativa? Ross Nervig se coloca un visor y explora la promesa y el peligro de los fascinantes mundos virtuales.

Woman sitting with VR headset on

Through the Digital Veil: Inside the World of VR Meditation

Can virtual reality deepen contemplative practice? Ross Nervig dons a headset and explores the promise and peril of mesmerizing worldscapes.

Lo que implica la IA para el Budismo

La IA puede articular la suma total del conocimiento humano, pero ¿podrá ayudarnos a cultivar la sabiduría y la compasión, o es un peligro en el camino espiritual? Ross Nervig investiga al respecto.

Meet Sati-AI, a Non-Human Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Sati-AI is an art project created to support meditators on their journey towards cultivating mindfulness and fostering personal growth. Ross Nervig speaks with its creator, Marlon Barrios Solano.

Teachers You May Not Know But Should

Ross Nervig on some teachers past and present whose lives and teachings have a lot of offer us.

5 Meditations You Can Do Right Now

You have everything you need to start a meditation practice: a mind, a body, and curiosity. Begin today with this collection of starter meditations.

After the Fire

The opening editorial from our July 2021 issue.

An Extra Layer of Intention: Artist Lasha Mutual

Mutual discusses the dharma and dedication that go into her vivid visual meditations of Buddhist deities.

The Dalai Lama and Greta Thunberg Unite Against the Climate Crisis

Two of the earth’s most ardent climate advocates, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Greta Thunberg, are joining their voices together to discuss what we can do collectively to correct the impact of destructive climate feedback loops.

Demons and Ghosts Visualization with Lama Justin Von Bujdoss

Demons and Ghosts Visualization with Lama Justin Von Bujdoss

Lama Justin Von Bujdoss imparts a visualization practice where you defeat the demons and ghosts through compassion. Lama Justin Von Bujdoss, the first-ever Buddhist chaplain at Rikers Island Prison, shares a visualization practice inspired by the traditional practice in Vajrayana Buddhism called chöd, where you find strength by opening your heart to the demons and…