Henry Shukman

A Zen teacher in the Sanbo Kyodan lineage, Henry Shukman teaches at Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe. He grew up in Oxford, England, and came to New Mexico in 1991 to write Savage Pilgrims, a memoir about searching for D. H. Lawrence’s past. Shukman has published seven books; his latest novel, The Lost City, was a New York Times editors’ choice.

Recent Articles

Tree of Wisdom

Oak and maple, palm and pine—trees are our closest neighbors and most patient teachers. Henry Shukman on the common roots of people and trees.

Don’t Go There

As a Jew and a Briton, Henry Shukman had avoided all things German. But he said yes when asked him to teach at a zendo in the Black Forest.

About a Poem: Henry Shukman on Hakuin Ekaku’s “The Monkey is Reaching”

Henry Shukman analyzes Hakuin Ekaku's poem, "The Monkey is Reaching".