Lewis Richmond

Lewis Richmond

Lewis Richmond is a Zen teacher and author of Aging as a Spiritual Practice. His new book is Every Breath, New Chances: How to Age with Honor and Dignity, a Guide for Men.

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Zazen: Just Sitting, Going Nowhere

The Zen practice of just sitting, says Lewis Richmond, doesn’t help us to reach our destination. It allows us to stop having one. But how do you “go” nowhere?

The Five Great Fears

As a prelude his five-part series, Zen teacher Lewis Richmond asks us to consider fear itself: what is fear? What are we so afraid of?

Snow Salutations

Yoga practitioner Alison Wearing discovers how to appreciate the moment, even in the great white north.

Gun, Violence, Lion's Roar, Buddhism, Lewis Richmond

How should Buddhists respond to the gun violence epidemic?

Like everyone else, I have been pondering the significance and aftermath of the recent mass shooting in San Bernadino, CA.

Remembering Shunryu Suzuki

Lewis Richmond remembers the great teacher who founded the San Francisco Zen Center and played a historic role in the establishment of Buddhism in the West.

How Do I Deal With Painful Thoughts of Revenge?

You needn't give harbor to thoughts of ill will, says Lewis Richmond, no matter how justified they seem to be.

Commentary: Three Levels of Transmission

"When you spend a week immersing yourself in lineage," says Lewis Richmond, "It becomes deeper than an idea."

Photo of Thich Nhat Hanh and his fellow monks and nuns walking at sunset

Guidelines for Choosing a Buddhist Teacher

How do you go about finding a teacher (and by extension, a community) that’s right for you?

Lewis Richmond on “Brain Plasticity”

Lewis Richmond on the aging brain and how changes the brain might change our practice over time.

The Great Love

As well as its famed doctrines of emptiness and nonattachment, the heart of Buddhism is the love and compassion we feel toward all beings.