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Meditations and Advice for Tough Times

It’s easy to become overwhelmed while we grapple with difficult emotions, painful experiences, and challenging times. The relief of our suffering lies in bringing awareness to our true self — our buddha-nature — as we are taught in Buddhist texts. These talks and meditations guide you through the complexities of suffering that we will all inevitably face, helping us remain present with our suffering while at the same time staying compassionate towards ourselves.

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Anyen Rinpoche

Advice for Meditators

Anyen Rinpoche briefly explains how to bring meditation off the cushion and the importance of bringing Lojong teachings into our lives.

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photo of Ponlop Rinpoche

How to Work with Your Emotions to Transform Hurt and Confusion

Is it possible to transform hurt and confusion into something beneficial? Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and Sharon Salzberg talk about the importance of working with your emotions and how transformation is within our reach.

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Being Present with Suffering

Lama Justin Von Bujdoss is former Staff Chaplain for New York City Department of Corrections. In this talk, he shows us how to transform negative sensations and emotions and how the simple act of looking within our suffering, can allow us to find positives within.

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Touching What’s Underneath

Ray Buckner leads a meditation intended to help us reconnect with our body, mind and heart and to create a sense of tenderness around our experiences, regardless of what they might be.

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