Amy J. Boyer

Amy J. Boyer

Amy J. Boyer is a writer and editor living in Winters, California.

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Get Curious About Your Anxiety

Buddhism and psychoanalysis take the same approach to calming the anxious mind, says Dr. Pilar Jennings—look with friendly curiosity at your anxiety and what causes it.

Cómo convertirse en un bodhisattva

Pilar Jennings sobre cómo superar dos obstáculos comunes a la compasión. La clave es enfrentar la verdad del sufrimiento, el tuyo y el de los demás.

How to Become a Bodhisattva

Pilar Jennings on how to overcome two common roadblocks to compassion. The key is facing the truth of suffering—your own and others.

Feeling Unworthy?

Author and psychoanalyst, Pilar Jennings, offers advice to a practitioner who continues to feel unworthy and unloved.

Amy J Boyer Ordination Nuns Theravada

Another Step Forward

Last August four women became fully ordained nuns in the Theravada tradition at a ceremony in California. Amy J. Boyer reports on this North American first.