Ayya Dhammadipa

Ayya Dhammadipa

Ayya Dhammadipa has been practicing Buddhism since 1987. She was ordained as Rev. Konin in the Soto Zen tradition in 2007 but moved ten years later to Aloka Vihara, where she took up the Theravada Forest Tradition, a natural extension of her longtime metta practice and study of the Pali suttas. She was recently ordained as a bhikkhuni. She also teaches in Spanish, is an interfaith chaplain, and enjoys being a mother

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How can I move from understanding emptiness philosophically to experiencing it directly?

“I think I have some intellectual understanding of the Buddhist teachings on emptiness, but when I look at the world or at myself, I don’t see them as empty. How do I go from a philosophical understanding to a direct experience of emptiness?”

The Mind That Knows Itself

Until we begin to make the distinction between observing thoughts and observing the knowing mind, writes Ayya Dhammapida, "we have not yet begun to study or to experience the mind directly."