Choying Khandro

Choying Khandro

Chöying Khandro received the transmissions of both the Ganden and Machik Dakini Ear-Whispered Chöd lineages from her root teacher, the Ninth Khalkha Jetsün Dampa. Based in Springfield, Oregon, she is the founder and spiritual leader of Dakini’s Whisper, an international, online community whose mission is to integrate ancient wisdom into the individual and shared journey of dedicated, contemporary practitioners around the world. She has an MA in oriental philosophy from Waseda University in Japan and an MA in Buddhist studies from the University of Michigan and is also trained in body-oriented disciplines

Recent Articles

Elemental Dakinis As a Path to Awakening

In this excerpt from “Dakini Journey in the Contemporary World; The Heart of Cho Vol.II,” Choying Khandro explores how Dakini energy, expressed as the Five Dakinis, becomes the embodiment and expression of the Five Elements in an awakened form.

Welcome to the Charnel Ground

Chöying Khandro takes us on a tour of Chöd, where we visit the places we don’t want to go and offer ourselves up to the things that frighten us the most.