Chris Stewart-Patterson

Chris Stewart-Patterson, M.D. is assistant professor of medicine at the University of British Columbia and works as an emergency department physician at an inner city hospital in Vancouver.

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Photo by Murielle Michetti Baumgartner.

Sexual Ethics and Healthy Boundaries in the Wake of Teacher Abuse

Scholars Ann Gleig and Amy Langenberg look at how Buddhist sanghas have responded and evolved in response to the ethical breaches of the past few decades.

Resources for Confronting Abuse in Spiritual Communities

From Ann Gleig and Amy Langenberg, authors of “Sexual Ethics and Healthy Boundaries in the Wake of Teacher Abuse,” from the Winter 2023 issue of Buddhadharma, comes this gathering of select websites, communities, and projects of value to Buddhist communities, teachers, and students looking to develop and maintain best practices when it comes to fostering healthy teacher-student relationships and addressing conflicts and pitfalls.

Choosing to be Healthy

Lifestyle habits can hopefully be viewed in a more positive context than the nagging shoulds" that we wrestle with daily."

Healthy Thoughts

You might think being healthy puts you in a good state of mind, but it’s the good state of mind that will keep you healthy in the long-term.

Landing at Tranquility Base

Moonlight shimmers on the surface of the steaming Japanese bath, while a gentle wind rustles. The very atmosphere seems to radiate relaxation and serenity.

Do Good and Be Well

Too cold to work out? Sure, but you can still do your body and mind plenty of good — while also making a real difference to others.