Christine Skarda

Christine Skarda is a philosopher, scientific theorist, and Buddhist nun based in Northern California. She has spent the last twenty-five years in retreat.

Recent Articles

Why I Do Not Bow

For some Black Buddhists in predominantly white sanghas, certain practices harken back to the history of forced subservience to white people. Melvin Christopher Horton explores his experience in a powerful poem.

Buddha statue sitting on rocks.

How to Prepare for a Successful Buddhist Retreat

Christine Skarda has been on retreat for the past twenty-five years. She offers advice on preparing for a successful Buddhist retreat.

How to Have A Successful Buddhist Retreat Experience

Christine Skarda’s advice for a successful meditation retreat .

Forum: Long-term Retreat—The Challenges and Benefits

In this Buddhadharma Forum, Guy Armstrong, Elizabeth Mattish-Namgyel, and Geoffrey Shugen Arnold explain what to expect from going on a long-term Buddhist retreat. Introduction by Christine Skarda.