Constance Kassor

Constance Kassor

Constance Kassor Ph.D. is an assistant professor of Religious Studies at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, where she teaches courses on Buddhist thought and Asian religious traditions, with a special interest in how Buddhism relates to questions of social justice and gender. She is the creator and voice of Religious Lessons from Asia to the World, a ten-part program on Audible. For more information visit

Recent Articles

Buddhadharma on Books: Summer 2024

Constance Kassor reviews the latest in Buddhist books, including The Jhanas, Buddhism Between Religion and Philosophy, and more.

Buddhadharma on Books: Spring 2024

Constance Kassor reviews "The Sound of Vulture’s Wings" by Jeffrey W. Cupchik, "The Kalachakra Mandala" by Edward Henning, "Xuedou’s 100 Odes to Old Cases" by Steven Heine, and more.

Buddhadharma on Books: Winter 2023

Constance Kassor reviews “Notebooks of a Wandering Monk” by Matthieu Ricard, “Illumination” by Rebecca Li, “The Buddhist Tantras” by David B. Gray, and more.

Can We Know Others’ Worlds?

Constance Kassor reviews "Other Lives: Mind and World in Indian Buddhism," by Sonam Kachru.

Patience Isn’t Passive

Constance Kassor explains why patience isn’t a passive tolerance of harm. Instead, patience requires a recognition of the deep interconnectedness of the world and an active engagement with it.