Daniel Asa Rose

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What Were You Taught About Money?

Are you still clinging to your childhood beliefs about money? It’s time to let them go, says Spencer Sherman, because they may be leading you to make bad financial decisions.

4 Better Ways to Relate to Money

When was the last time you had a positive attitude toward money? For millions of Americans, financial troubles are real and difficult. Particularly in this time of pandemic and economic contraction, many people are struggling with job loss, reduced income, fear of eviction, loss of business, and health care worries. For them, money is a…

3 Ways to Work with Your Financial Fears

COVID-19 is more than a global health risk. It’s shaken the world’s economy and has many of us worrying about our financial future.

Christmas Bowling Children Sons Family Divorce Jewish Buddhism Lion's Roar Shambhala Sun Kim Rosen

Xmas Spirit

Sad, angry, lonely—Daniel Asa Rose and his sons are reeling from the recent family breakup. In a closed bowling alley on Christmas Eve, they open their hearts.

Seth and Willie

His son’s pity party prompts Daniel Asa Rose to take him for a bike ride. Along the way, they pause for a lesson on suffering—and gratitude.