Dominique Butet

Dominique Butet

Dominique Butet is a teacher and a journalist. After meeting Olivier Adam in 2010, she joined his project to document the daily lives of Buddhist nuns across the Himalayas. Dominique contributes to various media outlets and in 2016 co-wrote a book on meditation for children, The Magic of Meditation. She also contributes to Petit Bambou (Mindfulness App) creating programs for children and editing a book for teachers.

Recent Articles

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Tenzin Palmo: There Is Nothing a Woman Can’t Accomplish

Dominique Butet and Olivier Adam profile Tibetan nun Tenzin Palmo, who is changing the role of women in Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

Tibetan Buddhist Nuns Debate Under the Bodhi Tree at the 26th Annual Jang Gonchoe

Dominique Butet and Olivier Adam report on the 26th Annual Tibetan Nuns’ Winter Debate (Jang Gonchoe) in Bodhgaya, which gathered 500 Tibetan Buddhist nuns to practice philosophical debate. Text by Dominique Butet. Photos by Olivier Adam.

How Pema Changed My Life

Lion's Roar's Beth Wallace reflects on how Pema Chödrön impacted her life, from the November 2022 Issue of Lion's Roar.