Elizabeth Monson

Elizabeth Monson

Lama Liz Monson, PhD, is the Spiritual Co-Director of Natural Dharma Fellowship. She has practiced and taught Tibetan Buddhism for over thirty years. Liz is the author of More Than a Madman: The Divine Words of Drukpa Kunley and Tales of a Mad Yogi: The Life and Wild Wisdom of Drukpa Kunley.

Recent Articles

From Brilliant Scholar to Wandering Yogi

Naropa, among the most revered figures in Vajra­yana Buddhism, began as one of Nalanda’s foremost scholar–practitioners. Elizabeth Monson tells the story of his transformation from brilliant pandita to fierce and wild yogi.

Holding Still in the Middle of Fire

Lama Elizabeth Monson was on pilgrimage with her husband in Bhutan when borders began to close as coronavirus cases expanded around the world. Trying to get home, she learns the power of finding stillness in the midst of chaos.

The Natural World as a Powerful Teacher

Elizabeth Monson invites us to consider how the natural world can do far more than provide us with a peaceful environment for meditation.