Gail Silver

Gail Silver is the founder oand CEO of The School Mindfulness Project. She’s the author of the picture book Anh’s Anger and Where Did Poppy Go?: A Story About Loss, Grief, and Renewal

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Watercolor illustrations of a parent and child playing with a kite while a butterfly flies above

How to Talk to Kids About Death

When a loved one dies, grown-ups don’t always know what to say to kids. Gail Silver has helpful tips based on Buddhist teachings.

A Buddhist and a Cop?

Dexter Cohen Bohn shares how NYPD Detective Jeff Thompson incorporates his Buddhist practice into role as a police officer.

Right Conduct: How Breonna Taylor is Waking Up American Justice

Dexter Cohen Bohn examines how the police killing of Breonna Taylor awoke the beginnings of a repatterining of justice in the American judicial system, and the work still to come.

The Family That Meditates Together

It’s not easy, but getting your family to meditate could be the best thing you do as a parent. Gail Silver on how to interest your kids in breathing, seeing, and being.

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Metta (Loving-Kindness) Meditation for Kids

You’re never too young to practice loving-kindness. Gail Silver on how to teach metta to your kids.