Hal Atwood

Hal Atwood

Hal is a communications and marketing strategist with a background in multimedia journalism. They have more than five years of experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors assisting with media strategy, campaign activations, sustainability initiatives and employee engagement. By day, they develop research-based purpose strategies to help organizations achieve their growth objectives while serving the needs of their stakeholders. By night, they kickbox (occasionally and badly), enjoy the great outdoors, and brew (surprisingly okay) beer. Hal holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King’s College, where they helped over-looked voices tell their stories across more than 10 publications. They recently moved from Nova Scotia to PEI with their beautiful partner and their very shy rescue pup.

Recent Articles

Two-Minute Meditations for Anytime, Anywhere

Life is busy. Here's a selection of quick meditations to work with emotional distress and foster mindfulness when time is scarce.

Lessons in Loneliness

We may feel like islands sometimes, but we are connected in our isolation. Hal Atwood explores the lessons found in times of loneliness.

Rainbow Buddha

LGBTQ Buddhists: Teachings, Profiles, and Conversations

A collection of teachings from, profiles on, and conversations with LGBTQ folks in Buddhism.

The Only Constant is Impermanence

Each Friday, we share three topical longreads in our Weekend Reader newsletter. This week, Lion's Roar magazine's Hal Atwood looks at the gifts of impermanence.

Putting Their Compassion Into Action

Hal Atwood looks at three organizations who focus on humanitarian work as an essential expression of their Buddhist values.

Shinso Ito holding a bell.

The Power of Sound

Hal Atwood explores the meaning and use of sound in Buddhist practice.

The End of Ice

Avid mountaineer and former war reporter Dahr Jamail chronicles the world’s environmental crisis for his new book, "The End of Ice."

Back of a meditator's head

New Study Suggests Meditating on Emptiness Might Be Better than Mindfulness

In a recent study, meditating on emptiness led to a 24 percent decrease in negative emotions.

Woman meditating on a foggy beach

Buddhism Is Not a Treatment for Mental Illness

A new article in The Atlantic says more Americans with mental illness are turning to Buddhism for mental health treatment. Experts might advise otherwise.

Bodhidharma meditating in a cave.

Who Was Bodhidharma?

The legendary founder of Zen in China famously taught a dictum long-regarded as the taproot of Zen, “Point directly at the human mind, see its nature, and become Buddha.”

Hand in hand.

Editorial: What Does It Mean to Be Kind?

In the opening editorial of our January 2019 issue, Lion’s Roar‘s editorial assistant Hal Atwood shares how she defines kindness.

Namkhai Norbu

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, leader of the International Dzogchen Community, dies at 79

Norbu was a Tibetan master of Dzogchen and taught extensively around the world.

Advice From a Queer Sangha Leader

“We are all spokes on a wheel. Can you have respect for another spoke?” Hal Atwood talks to Against the Stream's queer sangha leader, Steve Levitt.

Buddhist teacher researches ways to improve Indigenous healthcare

Native American Buddhist teacher Bonnie Duran works to decolonize healthcare for Indigenous communities.

Nuclear cooling towers.

Japanese Buddhist priest joins movement to divest from fossil fuels and nuclear power

“I was taught about the idea of how changing your bank account can contribute to bettering the environment. That was an enlightenment for me.”


Study Suggests Tibetan Buddhist Monastics Have an Above-average Fear of Death

In a study, researchers were surprised to find that Tibetan monks and nuns in showed much more fear of death than other participants.


Can you measure compassion?

In a new paper, researchers have proposed a scale for measuring the Buddhist virtues of loving-kindness and compassion.

How Buddhists Helped ICAN Win the Nobel Peace Prize

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, partnered with Soka Gakkai International, was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

James Thornton.

Meet the Buddhist Lawyer Who Took the UK to Court Over Pollution — and Won

The earth is our client, says lawyer and Zen priest James Thornton. He talks with Hal Atwood about how Buddhism and the environment.