John Welwood

John Welwood

John Welwood, Ph.D. (1943-2019) was a psychotherapist and student of Tibetan Buddhism for more than thirty-five years. His books include Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships: Healing the Wound of the Heart.

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The Practice of Love

For many of us, opening our hearts to ourselves may be the hardest part of the path. Here, the late John Welwood shares how and why meditation helped him do it — unconditionally.

Wisdom x Compassion = Freedom

The combination of wisdom and compassion—the very essence of Buddhism—leads to that all-American value, freedom. It is, says Duncan Ryuken Williams, freedom in the most profound sense.

The Solidarity Sutra

Scholar and Soto Zen Buddhist priest Duncan Ryuken Williams shares his <em>Solidarity Sutra</em> for the coronavirus age.

Never Forget Is Now

“Never forget is now," is the slogan of Japanese Americans who see the injustice of WWII internment repeated in the detention of migrants today. Both are rooted, says Duncan Ryuken Williams, in the definition of who is an American and who is not.

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Intimate Relationship as a Spiritual Crucible

Living with someone we love, with all the joys and challenges, is one of the best ways to grow spiritually. But real awakening only happens, says renowned psychologist John Welwood, in the charnel ground where we acknowledge and work with our wounds, fears, and illusions.

The Perfect Love We Seek, The Imperfect Love We Live

Psychologist John Welwood looks at the difference between absolute and relative love, and the wound within each of us that no other can heal.