Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is an author and psychologist.

Recent Articles

Abortion, the Legal System, and Skillful Means

In the opening commentary of the Winter 2022 issue of Buddhadharma, Lama Karma Chötso shares her experience as one of seven clergy in Miami-Dade County who filed lawsuits seeking to invalidate House Bill 5.

Liberalism and Religion – We Should Talk

Liberalism's objections to mythic forms do not apply to formless awareness. Thus liberalism and authentic spirituality can walk hand in hand.

Is It Only Rock and Roll?

"I am constantly asked, why pay any attention to any of it? Isn't this middle brow culture somehow not really spiritual? What a small God, that."

Constant Consciousness

"That which is not present in deep dreamless sleep is not real." Ken Wilber discusses Emptiness.

So Who Are You?

"You are not objects out there, you are not feelings, you are not thoughts-lessly aware of all those, so you are not those. Who or what are you?"

Egoless Means More

Egolessness does not mean the absence of a functional self; it means that one is no longer exclusively identified with that self.