Paul Maxwell

Paul Maxwell is a writer and editor in Berryville, Virginia.

Recent Articles

Green Tara: You Are the Divine Feminine

No matter your gender identification, you can do Green Tara practice and help bring yourself—and the world—into balance. Lama Döndrup Drölma offers step-by-step instructions. Watch Lama Döndrup Drölma in Lion’s Roar’s upcoming free online event, “<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">The Women of Wisdom Summit.</a>”

The Playful Dance of Awakened Mind 

Lama Döndrup Drölma on the illusory nature of phenomena and how we can wake up to reality’s true nature via the body-mind connection.

Tara Verde: Tú eres el sagrado femenino

Sin importar tu género, puedes realizar la práctica de Tara Verde y ayudar a equilibrarte a ti, y al mundo. Lama Döndrup Drölma nos ofrece instrucciones paso a paso.