Randy Rosenthal

Randy Rosenthal

Randy Rosenthal teaches writing at Harvard University. He is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, where he focused on Buddhist Studies, and his work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The American Scholar, and many other publications.

Recent Articles

Siddhartha’s 100th Birthday

A century after its publication, Randy Rosenthal explores how Hermann Hesse's classic novel "Siddhartha" came to be amidst the author's personal struggles and search for life's deeper meaning.

Can Meditation Actually Be Dangerous?

After seeing multiple headlines about the dangers of meditation, Randy Rosenthal decided to investigate it for himself. Here’s what he found.

Francis Story and the Case for Rebirth

For the fiftieth anniversary of Francis Story's death, Randy Rosenthal looks back at the life and work of the lesser-known Buddhist thinker

The Root of Zen: An Interview with David Hinton

Randy Rosenthal interviews the award-winning translator, whose new book, "China Root," goes deep into the Taoist origins of Chan (Zen).

Understanding What We’re Made Of

Randy Rosenthal breaks down the Buddha's discourse on establishing awareness in the "Mahasatipatthana Sutta."

Is Buddhism Violent?

Buddhism is a religion of peace. So why do some monks carry guns and preach hatred? In this conversation with Lion's Roar, religious studies professor Michael Jerryson says that, if you look closely, "violence abounds" in Buddhist doctrine.

Buddha sculpture

The Case Against “Buddhism”

Randy Rosenthal talks to scholar Glenn Wallis about his thought-provoking new book" A Critique of Western Buddhism: Ruins of the Buddhist Real."

What’s the connection between Buddhism and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar?

How have Buddhists become implicated in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world? Randy Rosenthal looks through history to understand how a religion of peace has become a justification for violence.