Renshin Bunce

Renshin Bunce

Renshin Bunce is a Zen priest in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. Her forthcoming book is Love and Fear: Stories from a Decade as a Hospice Chaplain.

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Ever Present

Five dharma teachers recall formative teachers of their own who have passed away, but in their ways, remain.

Illustration from the Bakemono zukushi scroll

“¡Fantasma hambriento, suelta a esta mujer!”

La sacerdotisa Zen Renshin Bunce cuenta la dramática historia de la ocasión en que realizó un exorcismo con éxito. La clave fue el respeto y la compasión, tanto por la mujer poseída como por los espíritus.

Illustration of woman getting haircut, looking in a broken mirror.

Love Thy Haircutter?

After an infuriating trim, Renshin Bunce realizes meditation isn’t helping her overcome anger—or is it?

Illustration from the Bakemono zukushi scroll

“Hungry Ghost, Let Go of This Woman!”

Zen priest Renshin Bunce tells the dramatic story of the time she performed a successful exorcism. The key was respect and compassion—for the haunted woman and the spirits