Rev. Wow! (WonGong)

Rev. WonGong (affectionately known as Rev. Wow!Gong), a pioneering Won Buddhist priest, is head dharma teacher at the Won Buddhism Meditation Temples in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ordained as a Kyomunim (dharma teacher) in 1994, Rev. WonGong subsequently served in the Gangnam Temple in Seoul and the Rockville Temple in Maryland. She obtained a Master of Social Work from the University of Maryland and worked as a therapist and for Child Protective Services in North Carolina.

She is a guest lecturer at schools, colleges, and meditation centers around the world. Rev. WonGong integrates creative forms of meditation with body movement, vocal Qigong, breathing techniques, guided meditation, and laughter. She is a leading Korean-to-English translator of dharma teachings and loves gardening and singing. Rev. WonGong has released two CDs — Chants for Healing (2020) and Chants of Samadhi (2018).

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