Robin Kornman

Robin Kornman

Robin Kornman, PH.D., was a professor of comparative literature and a Tibetan Buddhist translator. He studied Slavic literature and Eastern European government, and was a Library of Congress fellow in international studies.

Recent Articles

Bird flying in blue sky with clouds

“I Miss the Sky”

Corresponding with prisoners, Katherine Jamieson has come to appreciate her own freedom.

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We burn things. We do not measure up. We triumph in the most unexpected ways. Annie Obermeyer on working in a Zen kitchen.

Gods, Demons, Sages, and Enlightened Kings

We call it Tibetan Buddhism, but it’s really much more. Robin Kornman sees Tibet as the last of the Silk Route cultures, where the great religions of Asia unite in a magical world of Gods, Demons, Sages, and Enlightened Kings.

Sex & Buddhism

Robin Kornman argues that, unlike other religions, Buddhism doesn’t view sex as a particularly important spiritual issue.

The Kosmos According to Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber discusses how to integrate many levels of knowledge from the most concrete to the most etheral into a great unified view of the living universe.