Ronald Colman

Ronald Colman received his Ph.D. from Columbia University and has taught political science for twenty years.

Recent Articles

Are the Dharma’s Healing Powers Just Placebo?

There are healing practices and rituals found across Buddhist traditions that reinforce the notion of the healing power of dharma. Dr. C. Pierce Salguero asks, what's behind the Buddhist approach to healing and medicine? Is the healing power of dharma simply placebo or something more?

The Bird in the Cage Dilemma

C. Pierce Salguero contemplates the karmic framework in Buddhism, and how it informs life's ethical dilemmas. 

Tuning In: A Buddhist Subtle Energy Practice for Anxiety

What does your body tell you when you're anxious? C. Pierce Salguero explains how Buddhist practice can help us tune in when strong emotions arise. 

How Do We Measure Progress?

Ronald Colman argues for a more human and sustainable measure of progress than simple economic growth, one that truly reflects what we value in life.