Buddhism’s Next 40 Years: What’s the Message?

In the first issue of our 40th anniversary series, we ask: what is Buddhism’s most important message moving forward?

Melvin McLeod
16 July 2019

For Lion’s Roar’s 40th anniversary, we’re looking ahead, not back. Throughout the year, we’re exploring Buddhism’s next 40 years. How can it meet the challenges of the future? How should it evolve and reform? How will it most benefit people’s lives, our society, and the future of humanity?

We’re bringing together some of the most vital voices in Buddhism to answer these questions. In this issue, we ask leading Buddhist teachers (and one astute observer of spiritual America) what they feel is the most helpful message or teaching Buddhism can offer in coming decades. In future issues, we’ll be addressing other important topics such as diversity, reform, deep practice and study, activism, and community in a digital age.

As people who benefit from Buddhist practice, we have a common project: to benefit people’s lives, society, and the future of the earth. This is in fact the common project of all humanity. To it we offer the brilliance of the teachings, the power of the techniques, and whatever wisdom is in our minds and love in our hearts. To be of benefit is the basic Buddhist vow. It is the basic human vow. Let’s talk about how to fulfill it with skill and foresight.

—Melvin McLeod

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Melvin McLeod

Melvin McLeod is the Editor-in-Chief of Lion’s Roar magazine and Buddhadharma.