How I Stopped My Panic Attacks

Stricken with anxiety as a child, Buddhist teacher Mingyur Rinpoche learned how to heal his panic with awareness. He teaches us three techniques that helped him.

What to Do When Someone You Love Is Hurting

Psychiatrist Ravi Chandra on how you can support a loved one suffering from mental illness without minimizing or ignoring your own pain.

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Coming Apart and Struggling Through Depression

A moving account by Susan Moon of her journey back from depression, and how her Buddhist practice both helped and hindered her.

How does a meditator deal with major depression?

The teachers are asked how a meditator deals with episodes of depression.

Get Curious About Your Anxiety

Buddhism and psychoanalysis take the same approach to calming the anxious mind, says Dr. Pilar Jennings—look with friendly curiosity at your anxiety and what causes it.

How Endings Make Room for Beginnings

Sylvia Boorstein on the transformative power of acknowledging life's constant cycle of creation and loss.

Six Ways to Make It Work

Relationships aren’t easy, says Susan Piver, but if we practice the six paramitas, or transcendent perfections, we can discover how to live in love.

Advice for Someone Who is Dying

Ajahn Chah gives simple, profound advice to an aging student as she approaches her death.

What Can I Do About Burnout?

Burnout is the feeling of exhaustion that helpers sometimes experience when they have taken on more than they can handle. But there is much we can do to prevent it, and to work with it when it occurs.

5 Meditations to Calm Anxiety

Five easy meditations you can do to find calm, care for yourself, and ease your anxiety in any situation.

Healing the Scars of History

Retreats are being held at Auschwitz, a former plantation, and a site where Indigenous people were massacred. Lindsay Kyte reports on how retreatants are finding freedom from their ancestral pain.

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How We Get Hooked and How We Get Unhooked

Shenpa is the urge, the hook, that triggers our habitual tendency to close down. We get hooked in that moment of tightening when we reach for relief. To get unhooked we begin by recognizing that moment of unease and learn to relax in that moment.

How to Work with the Winter Blues

Perhaps these days of less sunlight are opportunities for more contemplative time, more looking deeply to see what can only be seen in the dark.

How to Work With Anxiety: 3 Techniques For Lasting Change

Anxiety is a natural response to being human, says Lion’s Roar’s Chris Pacheco. When we try to control our anxious feelings instead of accepting them, we might end up exacerbating fear and worry. Here, he outlines three main strategies for moving through anxiety.

The Middle Way of Stress

Judy Lief on what Buddhist wisdom teaches us about stress — where it really comes from, how it manifests, and why we may need it on the spiritual path.

Savor the Joy

When you’re a parent your heart is always on the line, sometimes broken, sometimes full of joy. To help you get through the tough parts, says psychologist and Insight teacher Allyson Pimentel, you can learn to savor the good times in parenting—and in life.

One Brief Pause Is All It Takes

Lion's Roar AV producer Sandra Hannebohm reflects on the impacts of pausing during times of anxiety. From the March 2022 issue of Lion's Roar magazine.

Can Meditation Actually Be Dangerous?

After seeing multiple headlines about the dangers of meditation, Randy Rosenthal decided to investigate it for himself. Here’s what he found.

Healing Begins With Gratitude

Joanna Macy on "the great open secret of gratitude."

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What Meditation Can’t Cure 

Meditation wasn’t designed to heal psychological wounds, explains Debra Flics. She cautions not to see it as a replacement for psychotherapy.