How does concentration develop? [Video]

Michael Stone outlines the difference between mindfulness and concentration.

Michael Stone
10 December 2015
Michael Stone, Lion's Roar, Buddhism, Video, Mindfulness, Concentation

In this new video, yogi and Buddhist teacher Michael Stone explains how mindfulness practice develops into concentration.

“When you train yourself to keep coming back, you start to not drift off so far. You start staying closer to the breathing. You become intimate with the breath. There’s no you anymore that’s breathing. There’s just breathing.”

Michael Stone

Michael Stone

Shôken Michael Stone was an author, activist, father, and teacher who sought to illuminate the teachings and practices of Vipassana meditation, yoga, and Mahayana Buddhism for the postmillennial age. A Fellow in Residence at the University of British Columbia, he was the author of several books including The Inner Tradition of Yoga and Awake in the World. He passed away on July 16, 2017 at the age of 42.