Review: “Unbinding”

We review “Unbinding: The Grace Beyond Self” by Kathleen Dowling Singh.

Andrea Miller
9 January 2018


The Grace Beyond Self

By Kathleen Dowling Singh
Wisdom Publications 2017, 288 pp. $24.95 (cloth)

Dependent origination, also known as dependent arising, means that all things appear in dependence upon other things. Unbinding is a rich exploration of this subtle foundational Buddhist teaching, and yet it is not just for Buddhists. Kathleen Dowling Singh wrote it for people of all wisdom traditions—for anyone and everyone who seeks to obtain unity with the absolute through contemplation and self-surrender. How do our illusions of ego veil our true nature and trap us in suffering, and how can we discover more gratitude, love, and wisdom? Kathleen Dowling Singh died peacefully two days before the release of this book.

Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller is the editor of Lion’s Roar magazine. She’s the author of Awakening My Heart: Essays, Articles, and Interviews on the Buddhist Life, as well as the picture book The Day the Buddha Woke Up.