Tsadra Foundation launches online library of translation and transmission conference recordings

The Tsadra Foundation has launched a new multimedia resource library on their website “Translation & Transmission.”

Lilly Greenblatt
31 May 2018

The Tsadra Foundation has launched a new website that offers free access to video and audio recordings of conferences, workshops, speeches, meetings, and other events related to the translation and transmission of Tibetan Buddhism.

The foundation, a New York-based nonprofit, seeks to support the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, taking inspiration from the Tibetan teacher Jamgön Kongtrul.

The new website, called “Translation & Transmission,” also offers news about upcoming translation and transmission events, such as the upcoming Lotsawa Tranlastion Workshop. Users can search through the event library by filtering by event, speaker, session type, and topic to reconnect with the topics discussed at past conferences.

Lilly Greenblatt

Lilly Greenblatt

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