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Publisher Ben Moore introduces the January 2022 issue of Lion’s Roar. 

Ben Moore
1 December 2022

We don’t have to look very far to see hurt in the world. As if the underlying uncertainty, anxiety, and trauma in our own lives were not enough, we’re surrounded by countless examples of suffering in the world—climate change, pandemic, war, economic insecurity…the list goes on. Life is, indeed, marked by suffering. Facing that truth, rather than avoiding it, has marked the start of the spiritual journey for millennia. Buddhist teachings and practices offer an approach to finding peace within ourselves; they also inspire us to help others work with the myriad internal and external sources of conflict and confusion all of us face.

The core teachings of the dharma wake people up to their intrinsic wisdom and goodness.

At Lion’s Roar, our mission, and our daily work, is rooted in that inspiration. Our immediate goal is offering the dharma to help people relieve the suffering in their lives—in small ways, moment to moment. Our long-term goal is no less than reducing the suffering of the world; taming materialism and ego; and realizing a more compassionate, harmonious society.

These goals are not modest; the needs of the world are too urgent for us to be timid. The core teachings of the dharma do wake people up to their intrinsic wisdom and goodness. We believe this awakening not only benefits individuals, it serves to benefit all beings. The dharma holds the urgently needed potential to transform society and our relationship with the world.

Over the course of forty-plus years, Lion’s Roar has grown from a small community newsletter to a nonsectarian, nonprofit Buddhist media organization reaching a diverse audience of Buddhists, mindfulness practitioners, and spiritually aware people from across North America and around the world.

Lion’s Roar aims to be a bridge-builder for those on the (sometimes uneven!) path of the dharma; we hope to help smooth, accelerate, and extend this journey for everyone from the Buddhist curious to the committed practitioner. We offer opportunities for connection and ongoing education to the many beginners and experienced meditators alike who tell us that they are “going it alone,” outside of any formal sangha. For those who do practice within a community, we support a deepening of practice and a broader experience of other Buddhist traditions. By bringing Buddhist wisdom to bear on current events—and, of course, perennial human concerns—our work helps point the way to a society that prizes universal values, such as compassion, generosity, wisdom, and peace.

We’re deeply committed to doing our part, but we aren’t making change on our own—we have you to thank. From our very beginnings, readers like you have been the heart of Lion’s Roar. Through your subscriptions and donations, you provide the vital support we need. More than ever, we rely on you to help us communicate Buddhist wisdom and practices, and further the development of Buddhism in the modern world.

We are honored to have your support in these efforts. Thank you—and please—continue with us on this journey.

Ben Moore

Ben Moore

Ben Moore is the Publisher of Lion’s Roar, Buddhadharma, and