Can I practice meditation on the go?

Is it okay if I take opportunities to meditate during the day, such line or sitting on the as when I’m waiting in bus?

Lion’s Roar
13 October 2017

Ideally, spiritual practice is something we do all the time, because every moment is an opportunity for mindfulness and compassion. But there’s no substitute for sitting and meditating in a dignified posture, just like the Buddha did. Formal practice is what lays the ground for what Chögyam Trungpa called “meditation in action” or “postmeditation practice.” That’s the real point of Buddhism—because how we live is what’s important—but it starts with a formal meditation practice. So if you can, set aside even a few minutes to sit every day. Then take the mindfulness and loving-kindness you develop on the meditation cushion out into the rest of your day. You and everyone you encounter will benefit.

Lion's Roar

Lion’s Roar

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