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The Benefits of Tummo, Tibetan Yoga Movement, and Breath Practices

Buddhadharma’s Spring 2024 issue looks at each of the renowned Six Dharmas of Naropa, starting with tummo, or “the practice of fierce inner heat.” What relevance does this practice have for the contemporary practitioner’s health and well-being, and how does it relate to one’s practice of mindfulness? James Bae explains, noting that “one need not become highly accomplished to reap the benefits of this practice; while progressive stages of tummo practice may be difficult to achieve, positive and substantial results are within reach.”

Awareness, from the Moment You Wake Up

We’re often encouraged to bring meditation “off the cushion” and into our everyday lives—Sayadaw U Tejaniya shows us what that really looks like.

Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society Buddhadharma Josh Korda Therevada Vinny Ferraro Zen

Profile: Against the Stream

Since its founding in 2000, the Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society has been a hard-to-miss feature of the American Buddhist landscape.

Andrew Merz Boundless Way Zen Community Melissa Myozen Blacker Josh Bartok David Dae An Rynick James Ford

Profile: Boundless Way Zen

Andrew Merz profiles Boundless Way, a hybrid Zen school led by four teachers trained in different lineages.