Clair Brown

Clair Brown

Clair Brown, Ph.D., an economics professor at UC Berkeley, is the author of Buddhist Economics: An Enlightened Approach to the Dismal Science (Bloombury Press, 2017).

Recent Articles

A triptych of photos depict a man sitting in a meditation posture as water rises around him

Is Our Practice Enough?

Clair Brown on how Buddhists’ vow to end suffering must go beyond the individual to a global understanding of how our suffering—and happiness—is connected to all living beings on our planet.

Right Hope

Economist and ecodharma activist Clair Brown calls on Buddhists to join the fight against climate change. What helps when the future looks bleak is the right kind of hope.

The Real Change We Need

Using Buddhist principles, economist Clair Brown identifies the big policy changes we need to have a caring society and a sustainable future.

Vegetable garden.

A diet for a healthy world

Clair Brown and Pearl McLeod explain how changing your diet can change the world.

Commentary: Responding to Trump’s Separation from the World

Buddhist economist Clair Brown shares inspiration — and facts — for the way forward after the US drops out of the Paris Climate Accord.

George Washington smiling.

How “Buddhist Economics” Can Make Us Happier

Clair Brown argues for an economy that brings out the best in people, not the most self-centered and shortsighted.