Cyndi Lee

Cyndi Lee

Founder of the world-renowned OM yoga Center in NYC (1998-2012), Cyndi is known for her contemplative classes and soulful teachings. She is the author of 5 books, including Yoga Body, Buddha Mind: A Complete Manual for Physical and Spiritual Well-Being, and the New York Times critically acclaimed May I Be Happy: A Memoir of Love, Yoga, and Changing My Mind. In 2019 she launched a new online course, “Taking Refuge In Your Body,” available from Lion’s Roar.

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Recent Articles

How to Practice Embodied Mindfulness

You don’t just practice mindfulness with your mind. You practice it with your body too. Yoga teacher and Buddhist Cyndi Lee teaches us how.

The Joy of Self-Caring

We’ve been sold on the idea that self-care means chocolates and bubble baths, but Cyndi Lee says real self-caring is a practice, not a treat. Join Cyndi Lee in Lion’s Roar’s “<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Women of Wisdom Summit,</a>” March 21-25.

Take Refuge in Your Body

When the storms of life hit, your body can be a place of refuge and healing. Cyndi Lee says it starts with making friends with your body.

The Complete Package: Meditation and Yoga

Yoga for the body and Buddhist meditation for the mind – it could the complete package. They offer insights and experiences that complement each other well.

Sew Contemplative

Place your mind on the needle dipping in and out of the fabric, says Cyndi Lee. If you space out, the stitches will go crooked, and that will wake you up.

Toma refugio en tu cuerpo

Cuando las tormentas de la vida golpean, tu cuerpo puede ser un lugar de refugio y sanación. Cyndi Lee dice que esto empieza haciendo amistad con tu cuerpo.

How Maitri Opens Your Heart

Maitri means loving-kindness or unconditional friendliness. David Nichtern and Cyndi Lee show you how to do this heart-opening Buddhist practice.

Go With the Flow

You’re mostly made of water, says Cyndi Lee, so why not act that way?

Warrior Poses

"Yoga practice is not necessarily relaxing; it trains us to be centered, awake, confident and flexible within effortful situations."