Dhondup T. Rekjong

Dhondup T. Rekjong

Dhondup T. Rekjong is a Tibetan scholar and doctoral candidate in religious studies at Northwestern University. His writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, The Journal of Asian Studies, The Treasury of Lives, and elsewhere.

Recent Articles

Geshe Thabkh

How Buddhism Met Science: A Monastic Scholar’s Journey

Dhondup T. Rekjong shares the journey of Geshe Thabkhe, a Tibetan monastic scholar at the intersection of the ongoing dialogue between Buddhism and modern science.

Two Years in the Life of a Tibetan Monk

Dhondup T. Rekjong shares the story of Geshe Tenzin Tsepak, a Tibetan monk who witnessed the destruction of Tibetan culture in the early 1980s and played a part in its rebuilding and revival.

I Never Gave Up on Dharma: Ngakpa Kalzang’s Journey from Tibet

Dhondup T. Rekjong tells the story of Ngakpa Kalzang, an exile of Tibet and experienced tantric Buddhist practitioner working as a landscaper on Canada's Vancouver Island.