Donald Brackett

Donald Brackett

Donald Brackett is a Vancouver-based popular culture journalist and curator who writes about music, art and films. In addition to numerous essays, articles and radio broadcasts, he is also the author of several artist biography titles, among them Back to Black: Amy Winehouse’s Only Masterpiece (2016); Tumult!: The Incredible Life and Music of Tina Turner (2020); and Yoko Ono: An Artful Life (2022). His most recent book, Double Solitaire: The Films of Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder, is being published by Rowman Littlefield in September 2023.

Recent Articles

Tina Turner, dressed in a gold beaded dress, performs at the Musikhalle Hamburg in November 1972.

The Buddhist Path that Transformed Tina Turner

Tina Turner credited her Buddhist practice for her survival, success, and happiness. Following her passing, Donald Brackett looks at the legacy she leaves behind. 

Sonic Satori

Music as a contemplative practice requires both the performer and the listener to pay close attention. Culture critic Donald Brackett offers suggestions for meditative albums.