Edward Espe Brown

Edward Espe Brown

Edward Espe Brown is abbot of the Peaceful Sea Sangha based in northern California. For two decades he lived and worked at the various practice centers that comprise the San Francisco Zen Center. He is author of The Complete Tassajara Cookbook and editor of Not Always So, a book of lectures by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. His new book, No Recipe: Cooking as Spiritual Practice, will be released in May 2018.


Recent Articles

Bringing Death Into Clear Light

Lama Karma Wall, Buddhist teacher and lead designer and facilitator of aNUma — a virtual reality experience joining Buddhist principles and technology — talks about how VR can help us relate to the unknown by bringing death into awareness.

Resting In Luminosity

Lama Karma Wall on how the practice of clear light (osel) yoga can help us recognize the luminous nature of our mind free from dualistic conceptualization.

At Ease in Body and Mind

Zen teacher Edward Espe Brown with yoga teacher Patricia Sullivan on combining Buddhist practice and yoga.

Edward Espe Brown

Being Shaken

Early in my Zen practice I could not sit still in meditation, as I was besieged with involuntary movements, says Edward Espe Brown.

Rules to Live By

Doing the right thing doesn’t always mean following the rules, says Edward Brown. He only wishes he had known that years ago.

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Let Your Passion Cook: Mindful Living in the Kitchen

Being mindful in the kitchen is to experience your experience without judging good or bad, right or wrong, says Edward Espe Brown.

Adventures in Breathing

Traveling the breath, Zen priest and yoga teacher Edward Espe Brown has found himself in some unexpected places.