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Ethan Nichtern

Ethan Nichtern is a Buddhist teacher and the author of The Road Home: A Contemporary Exploration of the Buddhist Path, One City: A Declaration of Interdependence, and the novella/poetry collection, Your Emoticons Won’t Save You.

Recent Articles

An Ambivalent Revival: Buddhism in China Today

As China is changing, so is Chinese Buddhism, morphing to meet cultural forces and adapting to find a place in the economy. Justin Ritzinger provides an inside look.

Howard Schultz stands on a stage in front of a Starbucks logo.

Commentary: Centrism is Not a Middle Way

In a seemingly divided America, political "centrism" is gaining popularity. But, from a Buddhist perspective, Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern argues, centrism is actually a kind of extreme.

The Dharma of the Princess Bride

Drawing on the classic film, "The Princess Bride," Ethan Nichtern offers Buddhist teachings on how to make friends with yourself and others.

Buddhist Ethics Ethan Nichtern The Road Home

Do We Have to Talk About Ethics?

The subject of Buddhist ethics usually brings up negative reactions, but Ethan Nichtern proposes a better way forward.

breathe, breath

Tonglen: In with the Bad, Out with the Good

“Accepting and sending out” is a powerful meditation to develop compassion—for ourselves and others. Ethan Nichtern teaches Tonglen practice.