Funie Hsu

Funie Hsu

Funie Hsu, PhD, works as an assistant professor of American Studies at San Jose State University.

Recent Articles

“Those Poor Women”

Funie Hsu on the intersection of patriarchy and white supremacy in Buddhism.

We’ve Been Here All Along

Funie Hsu says it’s time we recognize Asian American Buddhists and address the racism that marginalizes their ongoing role in the dharma in the West.

Aaron Lee.

Let’s Continue Aaron’s Work

Funie Hsu reflects on honoring the legacy of Aaron Lee, known to many as the "Angry Asian Buddhist."

Flag at American concentration camp

Advice for Modern America, from When Buddhism Was Seen as a National Threat

For much of the 19th and 20th centuries, Buddhism was considered a threat to America. Hondo Lobley interviews scholar Duncan Williams about what we might want to remember from that time.