Gretel Ehrlich

Gretel Ehrlich

Gretel Ehrlich is an world renowned nature writer. After being struck by lightning, Ehrlich wrote “A Match to the Heart” about the experience. It was published in 1994.

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The Future of Ice

Novelist Gretel Ehrlich spent a year travelling the world's coldest places, meditating on the experience of winter and exploring the polar regions.

Walking With St Francis

Gretel Ehrlich walks in the footsteps of St. Francis through the Umbrian countryside and ponders the life of a saint who was "radical without bitterness, vital yet gentle, dramatic—even outrageous at times—without narcissism."

Ray Hunt: The Cowboy Sage

Ray Hunt is an American sage, a cowboy who teaches riding as a path for both human and animal to realize their true nature.

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Looking for a lost dog

Gretel Ehrlich remembers searching for a small dog in a huge landscape.