Kazuaki Tanahashi

Kazuaki Tanahashi

Kazuaki Tanahashi is a Zen teacher, author, and translator of Buddhist texts, most notably of works by Dogen. He is also an accomplished artist and has taught Zen calligraphy extensively in different parts of this world.

Recent Articles

Moment by Moment Nirvana

In his new translation of Dogen’s Shobogenzo, Kazuaki Tanahashi explores why even a moment of meditation is a moment of enlightenment.

Illustration of Dogen.

Just Wholeheartedly Sit

A translation of Dogen’s Bendowa fascicle, from Kazuaki Tanahashi’s Treasury of the True Dharma Eye.

Are There Any Who Are Not Beginners?

Teachings by Master Dogen from Beyond Thinking: A Guide to Buddhist Meditation, a new collection of translations edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi.