Kritee (dharma name Kanko) is a Rinzai Zen priest, climate scientist, and a cofounder of Boundless in Motion, a community in Boulder dedicated to “Zen meditation and strategic activism.” A microbiologist and biogeochemist by training, she is a senior scientist in the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Program, through which she helps implement climate-smart farming in India.

Recent Articles

¿Por qué los bodhisattvas necesitan disturbar el status quo?

De acuerdo con la maestra Zen y científica climática Kritee, parte de nuestro trabajo acerca del cambio climático es entender sistemas: como funcionan, como somos cómplices de ellos, y cómo podemos cambiarlos para que funcionen para bien.

Find the Wisdom in Paradox

If we don’t embrace the often-paradoxical complexity of societal ills, the actions we take to solve them will be merely “Band-Aids.” Kritee on getting to the root of a problem.

Why Bodhisattvas Need to Disrupt the Status Quo

According to Zen priest and climate scientist Kritee, part of our work in addressing climate change is to understand systems — how they work, how we’re complicit in them, and how we can change them to work for the good.